VFC - Vacation for Conservation offers the best Kruger Safaris while you as traveller contribute to Vacation for Conservation's Wildlife Conservation efforts. 

The Kruger National Park is a significant part of South Africa, home to a diverse range of wildlife and landscapes for visitors to explore and experience. 

Visitors can travel to the park for the day, or spend more time in the bush by selecting our Kruger Park Packages. 

The Kruger National Park stretches from north to south along the Mozambican border, extending in Mpumalanga and Limpopo in South Africa. It was established in 1898, by conservationist Paul Kruger, who the park is named after. 
The park has 254 known cultural heritage sites, including nearly 130 recorded rock art sites.  

There are four regions within the expansive Kruger National Park, with each area offering unique experiences.

Far North region has tropical elements and sandy areas. Here, you can spot rare animals, including a variety of birdlife and endangered wild dogs. 

North is a semi-arid region with shrubs and 5 rivers flowing through it. Animals therefore flock to the waterbeds, including elephants and impalas, and the waters themselves are home to many hippos. 

Central, the eco system consist mostly of grass lands with browsing trees, hence this is where you’re likely to spot the cats: lions, leopards, hyenas and cheetahs.

South region’s landscape consists of more trees, consequently attracting herds of wildlife, both big and small. This is also where white rhinos are spotted most often. 

Make the BEST SAFARI CHOICE and contribute to Wildlife Conservation with a VFC - VACATION FOR CONSERVATION.

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