VFC - Soil Regeneration is one of the programs that Vacation for Conservation supports and that is also implemented in our target areas where land and soil regeneration is our priority.  With your help and support we can train more herders from the community where they learn how to work with their cattle for optimal land and crops benefit through Holistic Planned Grazing. Cattle plays a mayor role in the regeneration of soil and the impact that they have on our land. Only intense hoof action can restore vegetation and reverse the process of desertification, a major cause of climate change. 

The aim of Game and Cattle on the same reserve is the managing of livestock in rapid rotation to increase greater production sustainably and profitably. 

In addition, the grass cover becomes denser, and species composition has improved markedly. 

Integrating Africa‚Äôs rich pastoralist culture with global conservation needs with regenerative outcomes to the health and functioning of the environment sets a new narrative. Mimicking nature to ensure responsible land use and eco system functions enables us to guarantee peace of mind to the discerning tourist. 

Responsible tourism has just taken a holistic approach.

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