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R 1,000

When you donate to train a Herder you contribute to the fight agains poverty and giving financial freedom to individuals and communities. 

Historically, soil held much more carbon before the invention of unsustainable modern farming practices. And the mechanism for that storage lies in the special relationship between soil, plants, and grazing animals. 

With our program we train Herders to encourage them to impliment the Holistic Planned Grazing concept in their communities. Holistic Planned Grazing is where we place grazing animals like cows onto trageted areas like Vygeboom, our current project. The cows are placed in camps that will be moved every 1 - 3 days depending on the herd size.  This intense hoofing of the grazing animals, plants and soil combination forms a working eco system that restore degraded soils, and healty soils store carbon that in return reduce carbon in the atmosphere. 
Only intense hoof action can restore vegetation and reverse the process of desertification, a major cause of climate change. 

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