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Responsible tourism has just taken a holistic approach. Mimicking nature to ensure responsible land use and eco system functions enables us to guarantee peace of mind to the discerning tourist. 

Our innovative approach towards Regenerative Tourism through a unique safari experience in the Kruger National Park region of South Africa sets the new narrative.

With CLIMATE CHANGE being a reality and all efforts to reduce our carbon print we combined all our programs and took hands with the local communities in our aim to regenerate soil.  

Holistic Planned Grazing is a concept where we bring grazing animals like cows back onto our farms and reserves and use them as a tool to restore degraded soils. Healty soils store carbon and reduce carbon being released in the atmosphere. 

To 'regenerate' is not only to give back to our local communities and the preserving and sustaining of the beauty that allready exist, but it is to shift our focus from  sustainable tourism to the larger concept of regenerative tourism where we give back to our land and be vicarious in the challenges of restoring and healing everything that has suffered being threatant or even extinct. 

Our recent targeted area, Vygeboom Nature Reserve is currently comprising of 7 000 hectares of pristine wilderness in the Gravelotte area.  It is a partnership between private individuals and the landlord is the local Balepye Community.  

Our vision is to create a Big Five Reserve, not in the mould of the normal tourism areas, but with a responsible and regenerative outlook towards conservation which will ultimately span some 30 000 hectares by including our neighbouring farms already owned by the community.

Currently we are referring to this project as the Vygeboom Nature Reserve but this will be renamed and called  The Greater Balepye Nature Reserve in due course.

Every vacation and volunteer for conservation is making a huge difference in the aim to make much needed funds available for the ongoing effort to collaborate with the local communities and create awearness of responsible conservation. 

A nett positive to the land and Eco systems is the goal.

Vacation for Conservation

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