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VFC - Vacation for Conservation NPC  is registered tax exempted PBO where Wildlife Conservation Safaris, Conservation Travel and Regenerative Tourism has just taken a holistic approach. 

Our innovative approach towards Wildlife Conservation through a unique Wildlife Conservation Safari where you experience the Kruger National Park region of South Africa as we set the new narrative for the best South African Wildlife Conservation Safari. 

Our aim is to make much need funds available for all professions in Wildlife Conservation to continue with their ongoing efforts to save our Wildlife.

At VFC - Vacation for Conservation we are not only limited in fighting the battle against poaching of our endangered species, but combined all our programs and took hands with the local communities. 

Our aim is to create conservation awareness among young children where we encourage them to enrich themselves through our various community programs.

To "regenerate" is not only to give back to our local communities and the preserving and sustaining of the beauty that already exist, but it is to shift our focus from sustainable tourism to the larger concept of regenerative tourism where we give back to our land and be vicarious in the challenges of restoring and healing everything that has suffered being threaten or even extinct. 

Contact us today for your own South African Wildlife Conservation Safari whilst making a difference in daily conservation efforts to ensure responsible land use and eco system functions that enables us to guarantee peace of mind to the discerning tourist. 

Every VFC - Vacation for Conservation, Volunteer for Conservation and Veterans 4 Conservation is making a huge difference in the continues financial expenditures to support not limited to Wildlife Conservation, but also the ongoing effort to collaborate with the local communities and like minded organizations to create awareness in responsible conservation of land use.

A nett positive to the land and Eco systems is the goal.

Carly Roche picture

Carly Roche


Three Wildlife enthusiast met during a South African Safari and soon realised that they are like minded about their Conservation efforts.  

Carly Roche, Veterinary Technician and US Army Veteran returned twice to South Africa as a Solo Conservation traveller. She is the hart of our veterans 4 Conservation program.

During her last visit to South Africa Carly signed up as a volunteer with renowned Wildlife Vet Dr. Peter Rogers. Blown away with the dedication of all professions and organisations involved in conservation she dedicated herself to Vacation for Conservation, Veterans 4 Condervation and started the Non profit company Vacation for Conservation Inc. in the USA. 

Gert Kruger picture

Gert Kruger


Born in South Africa, Gert Kruger grew up in the Kruger Area and surrounds where he not only gained tremendous knowledge of the area, but where he qualified as a Nature Guide and found the opportunity to join the Tourism Industry and turned his passion into a career. 

Wildlife Conservation is something that is close to his heart and with combining his passion and career the need for fund raising towards Conservation became high priority.  

We can not all be in the front line of Conservation, but we can all make a daily difference in helping all professions in our aim to make much needed funds available. 

Isabel de Clercq picture

Isabel de Clercq


Isabel de Clercq, born and raised in the heart of the Bushveld started out in the Safari Industry when she joined one of the reputable safari companies in Hoedspruit as Executive Travel Planer. 

Vacation for Conservation was born with the idea to not limit us to only Wildlife Conservation, but to take hands with the communities to raise awareness about Soil regeneration that plays a critical role in protecting our Wildlife areas. 

This innovative approach towards conservation through a unique South African Conservation experience can make huge contributions in the aim to make much needed funds available to all professions and like minded organisations to continue with Wildlife Conservation efforts and healthy eco systems.

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